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Tiny Houses

I Love Tiny Houses is a social media aggregator, resource directory and merchandise site for tiny house enthusiasts, based on the theory that “right-sizing” is a socially, economically and environmentally reasonable approach to modern living. The I Love Tiny Houses website provides information and networking opportunities, news about workshops and meetings, plans, photos, resources such as loans for building, and Tiny House gear and products.

Clean Clear Creative created multiple, stylized, graphic variations of the Tiny House logo to encourage the Tiny House dream – helping people imagine living in their own Tiny House near the beach, in the mountains, in the forest, or in an open field. To complement the website, we used these designs to create Tiny House t-shirts, water bottles, canvas totes and more.

“Tiny House Enthusiasts are fervent. Interest in this niche movement is red hot and extremely personal, so I knew that we needed to develop a flexible yet consistent brand identity. Clean Clear Creative got it right, the first time. Establishing different environmental settings for Tiny Houses was a clever way to engage our audience. Customer feedback verified that people really do imagine themselves in a Tiny House on the side of a mountain, or deep in the woods. Our unique branding represents a belief system and a dream – something that people connect with inherently.”
– Kai Rostcheck, Founder, I Love Tiny Houses


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