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5 elements of a successful brand

Posted on September 27, 2016  By Rosanne Romiglio

Your growth and success depend on developing an appropriate brand image, communicating it through an effective brand positioning, and developing smart marketing strategies for reaching the customers who will connect with your brand in a meaningful and committed way. In short, developing and marketing your brand image is an investment that, if consistently sustained with only minor, relevant updates, builds credibility for your product or service over time.

For a brand to be successful:

  1. It must be true to your mission and vision. It must communicate the essence of your service or product in a way that is distinctively inherent and unquestionably true.
  2. It must be appropriately positioned to reach the customers you need to reach. It must speak to them at a level they cannot ignore. It must offer them a way to enhance their image or improve the quality of their lives.
  3. It must separate you from your competitors, whose product or service may have similar characteristics. This distinction is based on knowledge of what your customers need, what they hope your product or service will deliver, and what they can’t get somewhere else.
  4. It must be consistently communicated through everything you do. All print materials, all package design, all online communications, all social media outlets, as well as being incorporated into every aspect of your company itself and part of every dealing with your customers.
  5. It must be invested in over time to build equity. Minimal changes to adapt to the times should be barely noticeable to the public. Your long-term, unwavering commitment to your brand will build trust in your product or service, and that credibility translates to customer loyalty.

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