We embrace Creative Conscious Design

We live in a world of our own design. Our human experiences and journeys contribute to how we show up, how strong our faith is, and what we create as a result.

Conscious Design is a way to ensure that whatever we put out into the world reflects our evolving selves in a rapidly evolving world. That we represent ourselves honestly in whatever way we offer ourselves in service to others.

Creative Conscious Design brings purpose to creative effort—for the good of all those whose lives we touch.

Let’s talk about how this approach can transform your brand and business.


About Rosanne Romiglio-Ashley

Creative Director + Graphic Designer

As a multi-faceted maker, designer, creative director, and photographer, Rosanne is a dynamic, prolific creative with 35+ years of experience.

After decades of working in the corporate world, building an award-winning portfolio in brand development and graphic design, Rosanne followed her heart’s calling to establish a unique design firm based on honesty, integrity, and dependability, dedicated to producing outstanding creative work.

Her remarkable design solutions deliver verifiable results for her clients, whose testimonials—and long-term relationships with Clean Clear Creative—attest to their success. 

Building trust and rapport with her clients is at the heart of what Rosanne does: as a creative director, she listens deeply, picks up the nuances, and follows the thread of creative vision that she is given by the inspiration until she can manifest it in visual form. 

She often also sees where they are going next with a visual brand that bridges them into the next expansion of their business, through design—producing work that’s creatively layered with meaning and relevance.

As a vibrationally attuned leader or entrepreneur, you understand that your visual brand already exists, fully realized, in the unseen world. Your pure intention already created it. Now, it’s time to ​​breathe life into it and create a brand that reflects back to you your vision realized.

If you’re ready to make your vision a reality, let’s talk.


Latest Work

Cultural Survival

Branding Guide + Icons

Rosanne is an amazing artist and designer! She beautifully translated our vision into reality and created powerful custom icons for us. She is a pleasure to work with and incorporated all of our feedback into the designs. We are so appreciative of her co-creative process and work with us.” – Agnes Portalewska

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