We embrace Creative Conscious Design

We live in a world of our own design. Our human experiences and journeys contribute to how we show up, how strong our faith is, and what we create as a result.

Conscious Design is a way to ensure that whatever we put out into the world reflects our evolving selves in a rapidly evolving world. That we represent ourselves honestly in whatever way we offer ourselves in service to others.

Creative Conscious Design brings purpose to creative effort—for the good of all those whose lives we touch.

Let’s talk about how this approach can transform your brand and business.


About Rosanne Romiglio-Ashley

Creative Director + Graphic Designer

This creative visionary brings 35+ years of design expertise as well as her unique mixed blood and Native spiritual ancestry.

Rosanne’s heritage melds Blackfoot, Mi’kmaq, and Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) descent with French Canadian and Italian, all of which directly influence her work. She bridges cultures and artistic mediums as well as the tangible and intangible.

An award-winning designer and brand development expert, she provides remarkable design solutions with verifiable results for her clients, whose testimonials attest to their success.

Clients served include leaders at Äpre, Arnold Arboretum, Cultural Survival, Evanios, Habitat for Humanity, Harvard University, Haemonetics, Hologic, IndigenEast, Island Institute, Lowell Litter Krewe, Maine Audubon, Maine Science & Technology Foundation, MettaWorks, Navionics, Ocean Spray, Outward Bound, Solutions Provided, Sustainable Energy Solutions, University of Maine, and more.

After decades of working in the corporate world, Rosanne followed her heart’s calling, in alignment with her strong Native roots, to establish a unique design firm based on honesty, integrity, and dependability. She is drawn to follow the thread of creative inspiration along with a dedication to producing outstanding creative work.

When Rosanne works with a client, she incorporates what they want to create with the vision she sees of their potential future. This visual brand bridges them from the now into the next expansion of their business, through design.

As a vibrationally attuned leader or entrepreneur, you understand that your visual brand already exists, fully realized, in the unseen world. Your pure intention already created it. Now, it’s time to ​​breathe life into it and create a brand that reflects back to you your vision realized.

If you’re ready to make your vision a reality, let’s talk.


Latest Work

Photography + Logo + Re-Branding + Website

It is hard to put into words the level of creative work Rosanne produces as a designer and artist. It's as if her soul and your soul are communicating on a whole 'nother plane, and coming back with designs, logos, and cohesive brands that align with all of who you are now, and all of who you are becoming. Like she had a meeting with your future self, and came back with the images and energy that express and bridge to that future self...! It's extraordinary. She designs from Spirit, with the tangible skills and experience that have won her multiple awards. And that is a rare and wonderful gift.

Rosanne has a way of capturing your essence in a photograph - so it doesn't just look like you, it feels like you. People get a window into who you are through her work. She also captures where you're evolving to - like she has a line on who you are becoming - and brings that forward in her work. I've gotten amazing feedback on the photos she's taken of me. Not only are the pics gorgeous, the experience is so professional and bespoke: you'll find no cookie cutter or photo-by-number here. Working with Rosanne, you know you're in experienced hands you can trust. And she makes it fun! She keeps it playful and light. Highly recommend!

Re-Branding + Website

“Rosanne is the most gifted designer I have ever worked with. And here's why: Rosanne, not only sees who you and your company are right now, she also sees who you could be. She taps into the great well of potential within you and — somehow, through her gifts- translates that vision and understanding into the most beautiful manifestation of a website, book cover, or branded materials.

I am so grateful to her for our work together. She has helped me step into the business I want to have. She has helped translate my vision and make it even more powerful than I could have imagined. If you are ready to translate the best of you to your website, book cover, or branded vision, work with Rosanne.”

Cultural Survival

Branding Guide + Icons

Rosanne is an amazing artist and designer! She beautifully translated our vision into reality and created powerful custom icons for us. She is a pleasure to work with and incorporated all of our feedback into the designs. We are so appreciative of her co-creative process and work with us.” – Agnes Portalewska

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