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how to build a strong brand

Posted on September 27, 2016  By Rosanne Romiglio

Your brand image is the promise behind your product or service. Once established, the strategies you engage to promote your brand will determine the future success of your company. Brands are strengthened through consistency, vigilance, and a strategic approach to marketing.

This is truly the art of communication and it always starts with a strong brand and a powerful positioning. Your customers not only need to know you exist, they must perceive your product or service as a stand-out among your competitors. Your message, communicated both visually and literally, must be relevant. It must communicate the benefit your customer hopes to acquire, not just the features of your offering. And it must be protected from weakening in any way and from being usurped or infringed on by competitors.

A strategic approach to marketing your brand will pull customers to you, and continue to reinforce the benefits of using your product or service to build loyalty. Your marketing plan starts with knowing who your customers are, what benefit they are looking for in the type of service or product you are offering, and how and where to reach them. The goal is for your product or service to become critical to your customer’s self-image and to enhance their quality of life.

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