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For 30 years, Navionics® has developed and manufactured electronic navigation charts and systems for marine, inland lakes and rivers, and outdoors use. Navionics, based in Viareggio, Italy, operates its US headquarters in Wareham, MA, and has offices in the UK, India, Australia and Estonia.

We have been designing for Navionics since 2010, starting with the development of a new campaign and package designs to support their tagline “Anytime, Anywhere.” We also initially introduced a new campaign, “Freshest Data,” specifically targeting their fishing and boating industry with the goal of reinforcing their core differentiator without overriding the core brand.

We continue to provide Navionics with designs for packaging, trade shows, catalogs and brochures, boat graphics, web banners, and point of purchase displays.

“Rosanne Menard is dedicated to providing us with expert graphics, always responding to very tight deadlines to help us maintain our worldwide market presence through high-visibility launches, terrific promotional materials, and strong presentations at trade shows. We value our relationship with CLEAN CLEAR CREATIVE.”
– Rochelle Chouinard, Marketing, Americas

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