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new clothing line: 4winds1breath.com

Posted on January 29, 2015  By Rosanne Romiglio

Located in East Freetown, Massachusetts, FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH recently launched a new clothing line with original artwork by Rosanne Romiglio Menard, who is also president and creative director of CLEAN CLEAR CREATIVE. Featuring newly created but traditionally-based native american designs on solid-colored garments, the line debuted this past November at the Natural Living Expo in Marlboro, Massachusetts, and in December at the Cultural Survival Event at Boston’s Prudential Center.

The new FOUR WINDS, ONE BREATH line has a broad range of styles from casual to professional, intended to fulfill the specific market needs of women who often require larger sizes and have difficulty finding clothing that is both comfortable and suitable for professional purposes. FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH hopes to fill that need with inspired designs using attractive traditional motifs that represent various tribal customs.

The unique motifs of the FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH label are inspired by Rosanne Menard’s ancestral heritage, a melding of Mik’maq, Malecite (Algonquin), Blackfoot, French Canadian and Italian. Her intention in creating these designs is to help open hearts and reconnect the wearer to mother earth in a spirit of compassion, respect, balance, and healing. “It is a wonderful way to celebrate and honor native tradition,” says Rosanne, “and brings to everyday life the graphic beauty of native symbols. Wearing these designs, we carry the energetic qualities of these marks into all our surroundings.”

Each garment in the FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH line is a unique piece of wearable art. The original designs are block-printed on natural fibers. FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH label garments are block-printed by hand, the earliest known form of textile printing, and each color is done separately. Because of the nature of block printing, there are slight variations to each piece and no two pieces are identical. Color palettes are selected for each season, and the 100% cotton garments are easy to care for and manufactured in the United States. Also a portion of the proceeds from the clothing featuring the “buffalo sacred skull” design will help for the continuum of First Nations ceremonial way of life and the White Eagle Sundance.

“There is a breath, a drumbeat, a heartbeat that evokes one’s spirits to the depths of one’s soul in all of the artwork by Red Bear Dreamer (Rosanne’s native name),” says Words in the Wind (Donna Edmonds Mitchell), of the Pocasset Wampanoag People, Watuppe Reservation, in Fall River. “If you allow yourself to be pulled into her work you will begin to hear the silenced voices of our ancestors revealing the sacred ways they lived and loved all of the Creators’ blessings.”

The line soon will also be available through the FOUR WINDS ONE BREATH website, scheduled for launch spring 2015. Additional upcoming artisans events and shows in New England will be listed on the website.

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