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a rebranding for growth: ROOTS 2 WINGS

Posted on June 9, 2017  By Rosanne Romiglio

Often clients come to us for adjustments or revisions to their brand identity, but at times a total rebranding is required. Often a small adjustment will suffice to keep a brand vibrant and up-to-date, but, in some cases, the services provided by a client company have changed over time, and a complete revision of the brand is necessary to communicate the company’s current identity more accurately. And in other cases, the brand may initially not have been developed by professional designers, and a completely new approach is essential to ensure continued growth.

In the case of Roots2Wings, the company founded by Melissa Alexander in 2014, a new identity was needed to more accurately communicate the holistic services provided, and more effectively differentiate the company from competitors in the field of massage therapy. Melissa uses massage techniques to improve wellness, but the techniques incorporated at Roots2Wings are based on a process of cleansing the lymphatic system to release toxins and restore natural health. Her treatments and her understanding of the circulatory, endocrine, digestive, immune, and cardiovascular systems, as well as the lymphatic system, accelerate cellular level transformation, and her skills as a wellness coach, and knowledge of aromatherapy and stress reduction, together bring harmony back to the body.

Clean, Clear, Creative worked closely with Melissa to develop a graphic Identity that represents the holistic and clinical aspects of her approach to healing, and illustrates the connection between mind, body, and spirit. The graphic illustration we developed of a tree with roots in the earth and branches that transform into wings symbolizes both the physical and energetic aspect of her work. It also perfectly complements her tagline: lymphatic systems cleansing to unlock toxicity and set your body free. To complete her identity, we chose an open, clear type font, beautiful colors, and uplifting imagery for her website and marketing materials.

Melissa is very pleased with her new identity and considers the day she met Rosanne Romiglio, president and creative director of Clean, Clean, Creative, the best day of her life. She says the completion of her new brand identity is a big step for her business and believes it will catapult her company to a whole new horizon.


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