Logo + Brand development

“Clean Clear Creative developed a logo and brand that supports our mission and represents what we’re about: cleaning up the city and its litter through the power of volunteers. Rosanne chose each element intentionally: a tree pointing like an arrow to the sky, emerging from the earth, and a circle embedded with the recycling symbol because this work uplifts and sustains people and the planet. The spring green represents the color of new sprouting plants, grounded in the solid deep blue of stability, while the sky blue depicts the clean air and water that results from our work.” — Brad Buitenhuys, Lowell Litter Krewe

Website + Social Media Presence

“Rosanne is a godsend when it comes to getting your business off the ground. She not only channeled a beautiful, fitting, and totally unique logo for my yoga business, she also held my hand through the process of setting up my online presence as a brand. Our design conversations were steered by her amazing eye for visuals, and I felt an immediate and deep trust in her vision. As a brand and business owner, I felt understood and seen by Rosanne—even when I couldn’t quite see it myself. She finished my website, logo, and graphics for social media in record time. This woman is incredible. I recommend Rosanne wholeheartedly to any business owner who is struggling to find their voice, esthetic, and brand identity. Rosanne will hold your hand throughout the process, keep you grounded and heart-centered, and co-create something encompassing and wonderful for your brand!” — Lauren McGrath, Mija Wellness & Healing

Publication Design​

“Thank you to Rosanne, for the divine design that graces the cover of Shameless: Unleash Your Message, Impact and Power, and for the gorgeous design of my website rebrand. Your design feels and looks like my words! Thank you, soul sister, for nurturing me through this process. So grateful we are on this journey together.” — Charisse, author, speaker, and coach

Brand Photography

“Rosanne is an expert in multiple disciplines. Her mastery of design and photography intertwined together to position our brand as relevant in a way I could never have envisioned. Her intuition and insight brought our vision to life. Everything she creates for us elevates the business, her endless creativity is mind-boggling. She is a gifted individual on so many levels, and her work is highly considered and relevant in the world we all find ourselves living in now.” — Laryssa Robideau, Shen Essentials

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