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your brand is your company’s most critical asset

Posted on September 27, 2016  By Rosanne Romiglio

Whether your company is a start-up or well-established, a one-person operation or a large corporation, a product manufacturer or a service organization, a non-profit or a for-profit venture, one thing is certain: your brand is your most critical asset.

Develop it with care, guard it conscientiously, and invest in it over time and your brand will continue to increase in value and support your growth. No other asset is more important to the reputation of your company. No other asset is more critical in establishing your standing among your competitors and your success in attracting customers to the benefits you offer.

We recommend developing a comprehensive style guide and company manual devoted to the protection and communication of your brand. It demands a company-wide focus, not just a marketing department effort. Every aspect of your company and every point of contact with your customers should be dictated by your brand.

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